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Smooth React App

This is a website with react. I wanted to set the page with another project that I did with cryptocurrencies, you can take a look at my github repositories. This page implements a series of packages that allow you to make your page more interactive and with pretty cool effects!

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Art 4 You Online Store

ART4YOU is a project that was created for the specific sale of art paintings. It is the ideal platform for acting as a bridge between the artist: who is looking for new ways to exhibit his work, and the customer: who is looking for a unique piece for his space. It is a Social Art Network in which the artist and the user get in contact without intermediaries. We aim to help the client to do a more selective and particular search with the help of an interactive questionnaire that the client can do charge-free.


Carlos Diaz Web

This project is made with Laravel and it belongs to my father, an artist painter. It is a 100% dynamic and responsive website, since all data can be modified thanks to the voyager panel that helps you do all the CRUD.


Billy Book Store

This was my first project made with React. It is a small application that allows you to CRUD objects, produced specially for books. With this bookstore you are able to: make a new entrance, search, delete and add stars to books. It is very simple but it has a lot of logic behind it!


Crypto React API

It is based on a small application that takes all the cryptocurrencies that exist in the world. The information is taken via API and it is a very small but interesting and eye-catching project.


Todo List

Here we have a small application that allows you to add tasks (TO-DO) in a list; you can edit the task and also mark it as done. It is implemented with react and it has an animated background fully implemented with CSS.